Louis the Pig

Lovingly cared for by Ironwood Pig Sanctuary and sponsored by Joan Bundy Law

Joan Bundy Law, a divorce and family law firm based in Chandler, Arizona, always has been a big supporter of animals. For many years, the firm’s principal, Joan Bundy, has been a board member of, volunteer for, and/or financial contributor to many animal welfare organizations. She is past chairperson of the State Bar of Arizona’s Animal Law Section.

Joan Bundy Law is proud to sponsor Louis, a pig who lives at the Ironwood Pig Sanctuary near Tucson, Arizona. The sponsorship money helps pay for his daily care until he is adopted.

About Louis

Louis was a stray originally rescued by an animal shelter in New Mexico. The shelter dealt mainly with cats and dogs. Unfortunately, it did not have room for Louis. In January 2013, Ironwood Pig Sanctuary took in Louis. The animal sanctuary north of Tucson, Arizona, specializes in the rescue, care, and adoption of pot-bellied and other pet pigs. Louis has lived there since and hopes to find a permanent home.

The staff at Ironwood Pig Sanctuary estimate that Louis is eight to 10 years old. Originally, he was named Wilbur. This became confusing because Ironwood already had several pigs with that name. He was renamed Louis after one of the men who brought him to Ironwood.

On arrival, the Ironwood staff scheduled Louis for neutering the following week. But before his scheduled surgery, he twisted his back in a freak accident. To put it as delicately as possible, Louis was having “fun” with the water line and hose bib connection in his pen. One of his back feet became caught in the fence, causing him to fall. Afterward, Louis could barely move his back legs. He received pain injections for several days. Needless to say, he was in no shape for surgery.

To prevent Louis from repeating this stunt, his handlers hung sheets along the fencing around his pen. After one month, he finally was strong enough to endure the operation. Fortunately, it was a success.

A happy temporary home

Louis now resides in one of Ironwood’s medium-sized fields, home to a herd of 22 pigs. At first, he was a scrappy fellow, getting into quite a few fights while working his way into the existing hierarchy of the herd. But now he is happy in his current home.

Louis has personality plus. He craves attention and responds especially well to women. He loves to cuddle and often flops over for a belly rub.

During a tour of Ironwood sponsored by the Animal Law Section of the State Bar of Arizona, Louis approached Joan looking for back scratches and belly rubs. Joan immediately fell in love with him and decided to sponsor him on behalf of Joan Bundy Law. Like the rest of the sanctuary’s 600 resident pigs, Louis will remain there in good hands until he finds a permanent home.

More information on Ironwood Pig Sanctuary

If you are interested in adopting Louis, sponsoring or adopting another pig, setting up a tour, or learning more about the sanctuary, call 520.631.6015 or visit the Ironwood Pig Sanctuary website. Also, visit Joan Bundy Law’s Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages for periodic updates on Louis.